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Raynale,  Luxury is in the taste !  


Welcome to my site !

Hi, this is Raynale.  I am delighted to present to you my exclusive and luxurious couture collection of handcrafted cakes and sweet treats for all your occasions.  Each of my cakes is made with passion, imagination and the finest selection of natural ingredients to please the eye and the palate. 

My creations are pure luxury and showcase 8 cake ranges: Decadence, Indulgence, Elegance, Wedding Elegance, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cocktail Party and my Limited Edition Gateaux.  Each range contains a mouth-watering selection of cakes and is still growing. The cocktail collection includes elegant mini-size cakes, melt-in-mouth petits-fours, sabl's, tartlets,  sweet treats and savouries to cater for all your occasions.  My Limited Edition depicts seasonal gateaux for special celebrations and festivities.  I have cakes to delight every cake lover, personal taste and dietary requirement.  Just ask!

My cakes are a celebration of life.  They are inspired by nature's goodness, beauty, harmony and colours.  Every piece is individually handcrafted to give you a unique experience which lasts long after you have savoured it and makes you wait with anticipation for the next cake.


My vision

My vision is to be a leading luxurious boutique patisserie in artisanal handcrafted cakes and sweet treats, in Central London, creating for my fans and clients a unique, pleasurable and delicious experience with every taste.



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